Animation Dingle Awards

Animation Dingle celebrates the best of animation through various awards.

The Murukami Award
The Murukami prize, named as a tribute to animator JimmyT. Murukami, recognises a lifetime of achievement in animation.

The 2015 recipient of the Murukami Award was Tomm Moore, co-founder and creative director of Cartoon Saloon. In 2015, the studio’s Song of the Sea was Oscar nominated, and the winner of the 2015 European Film Awards for European Animated Feature Film, amongst many other accolades and nominations.

Previous winners include Jimmy T. Murukami (The Snowman, When the Wind Blows) and Richie Baneham (Avatar).


The YA-O-TY award recognises the Young Animator Of The Year, and is chosen from entries from Transition Year students.
Students produce an animation, whether it be stop motion, 2D cut out, or 3D, based on a selected theme.

The themes are open to interpretation leaving room for the students’ imagination.
This year the themes are ‘Paddy’s Day’ and ‘Sustainable Development.’

The award is in partnership with the Creative Media & IT Department of The Institute of Technology Tralee, JAM Media and U.S. Embassy Creative Minds Initiative.

In preparation for the competition, a training day is held at IT Tralee, and was held on December 11th 2015.
As well as winning the award, the prize includes the offer of a work placement in JAM Media, one of Ireland’s leading animation studios.

The Student Animation Awards 2016
The Student Animation Awards aim to encourage and foster the development of new talent in the animation industry in Ireland.
The awards are held at Animation Dingle, along with the animation conference, to allow professionals and students to mingle and develop relationships into the future.

There are 14 categories of awards and the next awards will be in March 2016.

Irish Animation Awards
The Irish Animation Awards are a biannual event, and were first hosted in Dingle in 2015.
They recognise the very best in the Irish Animation industry, and the next awards will take place in 2017.