What we are looking for?

The Young Animator of the Year Award (YA-O-TY) recognises the best young animator in Ireland, selected from entries from transition year students.

This award was created by Dingle International Film Festival, in partnership with JAM Media and the Creative Media Department of Institute of Technology, Tralee. The award is now also supported by the U.S. Embassy’s Creative Minds initiative. The award includes the offer of a work placement within one of Ireland’s top animation companies, JAM Media.

Students are being asked to produce a 1 minute animated film for the Animation Dingle festival. We have 2 themes:

  1. Paddy’s Day-The theme “Paddy’s Day” is completely open to the student’s interpretation.
  2. Sustainable Development-Through your film short, here are a few topics that you might like to explore:
  • Climate Change and Environmental Protection
  • Sustainable Agriculture: Scaling Up Nutrition and limiting food waste
  • Sustainable Energy
  • Marine sustainability: limiting marine debris and overfishing

Your animated film can be:

  • Hand drawn animation
  • Stop Motion
  • Any form of computer generated animation, including flash or coding
  • Claymation or cut-out animation

The film must be no longer than 1 min (60secs) in duration. It can be shorter than 1 min.